{Testimonials} ODAC

{Testimonials} ODAC

About this project

“Last month, again with the support of Indigo Trust, we began one-on-one sessions with digital consultants to forward our missions. This service, provided by the wonderful Nicky Cosgreave and Katie Findlay of Edge Digital in Cape Town, has proved hugely empowering and inspiring.

As an organisation with a strong research department, it is encouraging to be able to measure our progress and then convert our learning into improved practice.”

Gabriella Razzano, Open Democracy Advice Centre (ODAC)


“Edge Digital have been able to take our work around civil society engagement with the appointment of judges to a new level. We have had excellent engagement with our issues, and the numbers of views of all of our content have been beyond what we could have expected. They are professional and responsive, and a pleasure to work with.”

Alison Tilley, Director at Open Democracy Advice Centre (ODAC)



Date:  05/05/2014
Skills:  Portfolio
Client:  Collin Patrick Inc