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Equipping people with the skills they need for employment is a global challenge.

It’s vital for economic success, and it transforms the lives of families. Through BoostMe360, Pearson has created a platform to connect job seekers with a network of employers. By enabling people to make their talent visible to the market they are unlocking potential in people and creating opportunity for the benefit of employers, job seekers and society as a whole.

The BoostMe360 web-based platform helps job seekers put their best foot forward while enabling businesses to find the right staff for short-term jobs. Designed by Pearson, BoostMe360 lets candidates create an enriched personalised profile online and upskill themselves through free learning modules. Job seekers can indicate when they are available to work on their personal calendar. Employers save time and money by finding someone who lives close to their business, is available and has the qualities they are looking for.

As we already had a strong relationship with Pearson, they contacted Edge to help them with the launch campaign for BoostMe360 across multiple social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The launch strategy was designed to make a big impact and generate awareness to encourage key businesses to partner with the program.

Working under tight deadlines and with a limited budget the Edge team’s commitment to delivering an first-rate rollout campaign combined with a nimble approach that allowed us to adjust in real-time ensured that the launch of BoostMe360 was a success.


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