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Oasis Association

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Oasis Association provides over 370 intellectually disabled individuals with a safe and protective working environment where they can learn new skills and gain a level of independance. Oasis also provides residential housing for over 40 intellectually disabled men and women and two daycare centres which provide developmental programmes for 90 profoundly or severely intellectually disabled children.

These programmes are supplemented by physiotherapy, social work services, feeding schemes, transport to and from the centres and primary medical care.

This incredible care and support is made possible through a number of programmes and projects including multiple recycling initiatives, a bakery, bric-a-brac stores and coffee shops. The organisation also replies on generous donations from corporates and the public.


“While our purpose at Oasis is to provide opportunities for intellectually disabled people, I am grateful of all the opportunities that come our way. Members of the public who support our recycling projects, bakeries and shops are the lifeblood of our sustainability.”- Gail Bester, Director


“We are all VERY proud of what we have achieved here at Oasis. 375 young men and women come here on a daily basis to work in our different projects here at Oasis and they are also productive members of society. We are all proud to be associated with the projects here at Oasis.”  Beverley Damons, Workshop Manager


Our work with Oasis includes assistance with their overall business communication strategy and implementation, hands-on support to social media messaging and website management.


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