Airbnb Africa Academy Community Toolkit

Airbnb Africa Academy Community Toolkit

About this project

Toolkit for Airbnb Community training

Edge Digital completed this 150-page project in collaboration with the Social Enterprise Academy.

Airbnb offers guests the chance to discover amazing places, with the promise that they can feel at home anywhere in the world. By training local communities to understand the benefits of Airbnb, it opens up a whole new avenue of job creation and local experiences to people. Edge Digital were thrilled to partner with the Social Enterprise Academy on this project and loved producing this comprehensive training toolkit.

About the Toolkit
Many travellers like to stay with locals who can share their local culture and let them know what to see and do in the area; from an insider’s perspective.

The Airbnb toolkit highlighted training for people and communities on how to use Airbnb effectively.

Sections in the toolkit included:
Share your home
Sharing your home on Airbnb is as flexible as you need it to be. You can choose to rent out your home or space when you’re away, or while you’re at home.

Become a co-host
A co-host helps assist hosts in different ways. There is generally an agreed arrangement between the host and co-host around payment.

Host an experience
Passionate locals can host activities or excursions that connect visitors with interesting local and cultural experiences.

The benefits of Airbnb to a host and their community

Information exchange and a deeper understanding
Share your rich and diverse cultural heritage, which helps to keep traditions and culture alive and to bring money into the community.

Build relationships and friendships across the world
Long after your visitors have left, you may receive calls, letters and even gifts from your past guests. These gestures show the lasting impact of travelers among your family and community.

Generating additional income
By sharing your home, friends, family, and hospitality you get extra income and new friends in return. It is an opportunity for other people in your community to benefit from visitors to their community through offering meals and/or experiences.

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