AMARIGHTZA Keep It Constitutional

AMARIGHTZA Keep It Constitutional

About this project

Keep It Constitutional is a constitutional literacy programme for high school students. The project aims to help people learn about their rights under the Constitution and how to put their rights into action. Working with the  Foundation for Human Rights we conceptualised the online digital aspects of this campaign and how it would be communicated on social media platforms. The Keep It Constitutional web and mobi site is a functional resource for learners and teachers. Keep It Constitutional’s digital interactions across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are monitored on a daily basis.

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The Foundation for Human Rights would like to acknowledge the critical role played by Edge Digital in ensuring the success of our animation series on the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The Edge team have been consummate professionals throughout our engagement with them and have gone the extra mile in providing useful and valuable support in attracting learners and the general public to the animation series on social media.”

Ahmed Mayet – Foundation for Human Rights (FHR)

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