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Maximpact is a global consulting group that focuses on providing sustainable community solutions to the most urgent social and environmental challenges in energy, waste, water and migration we face today.

Their energy efficiency, waste and water solutions aim to reduce operating costs, consumption, carbon footprint and inefficiencies for municipalities, industrial and commercial sectors. Using the most advanced technologies and cutting-edge services Maximpact works collaboratively to identify the right approach to help communities sustainably improve their lives.

Maximpact is passionate about sustainability; about helping organisations who are doing good, to do even better, and about developing sustainable communities across the globe. It is empowering to partner with a company that is actively working to find solutions to the world’s most imminent challenges. The climate crisis is the biggest challenge we are going to have to deal with this century. It is thanks to companies like Maximpact that more and more solutions are being developed every day to make everyone’s lives on this planet more sustainable.

Edge Digital works with Maximpact across all their digital touchpoints to develop the most effective and engaging campaigns for their worldwide audience.


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