The Boucher Legacy

The Boucher Legacy

About this project

Headed up by ex-South African cricketer Mark Boucher, The Boucher Legacy was started in 2012 when Mark retired from international cricket and began to focus his passion and commitment on wildlife conservation.

Within days of Edge working on this project, two rhinos were poached in the Kruger Park – one mother rhino leaving behind an orphaned rhino calf. As a result of these heart-wrenching and tragic circumstances the calf has been placed at a sanctuary where she is receiving expert and loving care. She is a feisty little rhino, and everyone is positive for a good outcome where this little calf can eventually live a normal “rhino life”.

Foundations such as The Boucher Legacy are the real backbone of financial aid to the animal sanctuaries who work tirelessly to repair the immense damage that poaching is doing to our country. The only way to keep our rhinos safe is going to be through donations towards non-profit foundations like The Boucher Legacy who can amplify change and support the organisations that are actively saving our rhino.


Images Courtesy of Wildcon Events


It is both humbling and extremely motivating to be a part of this journey with The Boucher Legacy, who are doing the most incredible work to keep our wildlife safe for future generations.

Place our rhino in safe hands.

Support the Boucher Legacy and come together to protect what is ours.

DONATE TODAY – every little bit makes a really big difference.

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