Disney #Mickey90 – Influencer marketing

Disney #Mickey90 – Influencer marketing

About this project

Celebrating Mickey’s 90th Birthday with Disney with SA Influencers

In order to celebrate 90 years since Mickey Mouse’s first appearance in Steamboat Willie in November 1928, Disney launched a campaign, Mickey the True Original. The objective of the campaign was to honour nine decades of Mickey Mouse, his heritage, personality and status as a pop-culture icon.

The campaign celebrated this timeless icon in a number of ways, which included a variety of television specials, a dedicated fashion collection and various in-store activations to name a few.

Influencer marketing

Edge were very excited to be part of this campaign, working with a number of influencers to promote the Mickey the True Original fashion collection that allowed the whole family to own their own unique piece of Mickey Mouse. The #mickey90 campaign ended with an exhibition that featured ten Mickey Mouse statues that were been decorated by South African artists.

We are passionate about Influencer Marketing and believe that with the right brief and clear goals that an influencer marketing campaign can be a great way for a brand to collaborate.





“It’s been a great experience working with such a passionate team of women. Not only do they have a wealth of industry knowledge, they also keep updated with new and innovative ways to improve the consumer’s experience of a brand. Their energy, passion and commitment to the success of a campaign is valued in this highly competitive, ever changing retail landscape ” 

– Sasha February, Disney South Africa



Date:  26/05/2014
Skills:  Portfolio
Client:  Gargoyles, Inc