SAFLII – Donations campaign

SAFLII – Donations campaign

About this project

A comprehensive donations campaign

The Southern African Legal Information Institute (SAFLII) is an online repository of legal information from South Africa that aims to promote the rule of law and judicial accountability by publishing legal material for open access in line with the objectives of the global Free Access to Law Movement. It is the largest online free-access collection of journals, judgments and legislation from South Africa.

SAFLII also hosts legal materials from other countries in the region, which are obtained through partnerships and collaborative efforts with governments, courts, law societies and more recently through linking to other Legal Information Institutes being established in these regions.

SAFLII is a crucial resource for the legal community. Not only does it help all lawyers to do their job but it opens the doors of the legal profession, by helping young lawyers to gain access to the law for free.

Professionals such as journalists, accountants, labour and HR practitioners and mediators also all use SAFLII regularly as do trade unions, NGO workers, employers and employees of large and small businesses. And, importantly, ordinary citizens also use SAFLII.

All of SAFLIIā€™s resources are free to access but SAFLII requires R2 million each year to cover its operational costs. While some of this comes from donor funding it is becoming increasingly important that individual donors contribute to ensuring SAFLII keeps running.

Edge helped SAFLII develop a comprehensive donations campaign which included an online donations portal, social media campaign, brochure design and strategy consulting.



Date:  26/05/2014
Skills:  Portfolio
Client:  Saflii
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